Well Hello….again

It has been so long since I have logged in to write.  To say I have been undergoing a metamorphosis is an understatement.  I started this blog a year ago…A YEAR AGO!!!  Since then, I have been purchased a home, gotten married, been on a honeymoon, and have had some serious family events occur.  It’s safe to say who I was a year ago is not who I am today.  In fact as I am typing this, I am wondering if this particular blog and title and reason for this blog are even still relevant.  I think it’s ok that I am unsure at the moment.  This will all sort itself out as I continue typing again.

Perhaps in upcoming posts I can show some of the pictures displaying changes that have occurred.  The first thing that happened was living with my now husband.  After a year I can say that it has worked out pretty darn well.  I think we are lucky that we have not had too many issues.  We each take care of various portions of the house and help out equally.  I appreciate this so much.  There are chores he does that I can’t stand (folding laundry for example) that he does easily while watching a ballgame.  We also have an unspoken rule that whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean.  We split this 70/30 with me doing more cooking, which is great because I love to cook!    Perhaps I will put a post in later about the new recipes we have tried since we have been married.  Either way, we are continuing to learn our way in an environment that is shared, respected, and a place of love (with the occasional argument…hey, we’re human!). I’m looking forward to emerging back to the blogging world and seeing who is out there and what is getting blogged about!