Is too many options a bad thing?

My fiancé would say that I am the most indecisive person he knows.  What can I say-I love options!  Thankfully, choosing him was easy 🙂

I have noticed in a few situations recently that too many options has become overwhelming, and even confusing.  If you saw my bathroom it looks like Sephora exploded, which is to say that the options are endless.  How about wedding dress shopping?  I have now successfully found four dresses that look nothing like each other that I really think look beautiful.  Should we even open the spice cabinet or refrigerator?  I think you are getting the picture here.

I am not saying I want to change my love for options-it is a bit of who I am and it brings out the best at times.  Cooking, rocking a smokey eye or bright bold lip, and a new book to read are all great examples of where options are the best!  But, perhaps there is something to finding what you love or enjoy and sticking with that-like a partner in life.  Maybe it’s the adventurer in me that wants to make sure that I am not missing out on something. And just maybe that is okay.