Yes, the mic is on!

It happened!  Finally!  I am so happy tonight.  I found my voice in a situation that has been bothering me for about a year.  Honestly, why didn’t I do this sooner.  (WARNING: ENTIRE SCENARIO IS A FIRST-WORLD PROBLEM)

Monthly scenario: Go to local pharmacy to pick up Rx.  Every month I go and every month there is some sort of issue.  Script isn’t filled even though they text me saying it was.  The auto-fill randomly decides not to get on board some months while working others.  One time they didn’t even have the medication in their system even though nothing has changed in what feels like forever.  I could go on and on, but this will do.  Every month I get irritated, but ultimately decide I don’t want to hassle with opening up my mouth and saying something.  Sometimes I worried that maybe I would just lose my mind and say who knows what!  Realistically, I just think I felt like nothing would change.

Not tonight though.  Tonight I had had enough.  Having had to go inside after issues at the drive through I decided to say something.  I was calm, collected, not blaming the poor two souls likely starting their night shift.  God knows this isn’t their fault.  But I must say I feel good about this. Was anything really resolved, not really.  They entered something in to the computer for the auto-fills…maybe it will help.  BUT, this blog is about change and tonight I feel like that happened.  I guess TIME + LATE NIGHT FRUSTRATION=FINDING MY VOICE

I don’t know if things will be better next time.  But I do know that speaking up in frustrating scenarios and maintaining a calm and logical dialogue was more effective than doing nothing, and I felt a hell of a lot better!


The Caterpillar Effect: Part 2

Every time I step outside of my comfort zone I know that I am growing, changing into a different version of myself.  Hopefully a better version-a girl can dream right?!  I just started my blog last week-now up to two whole posts-go me!  I should preface this with saying I have zero writing experience, outside of school/classes from yesteryear.  Nervous to embark on this….a little if I’m being honest.  Truly I have no idea what I’m doing–although I did sort out what a widget is and how I can add them to my page.   There was definitely some trial and error in that mini-adventure, and I still am not 100% sure I get it, but that is why I am here at Blogging 101.  I would like to learn the basics…and then some!

Me…Blogging…Why you ask?  First, I wanted to document the next year…what changes…how do I, my friends, family, others change.  Seems like a daunting task even as I type the words.  The past year I have changed in ways I would have never dreamed, but I don’t want to get in to all the gory  details just yet 🙂  Now recently engaged and making, and have made, what my father would call “adult decisions” * in regards to difficult and everyday life situations I want to see what, how, and why things change throughout the next 365 days. Sure, I can trace things back, but sometimes putting down the words and having others interact, communicate, and share their experiences can help breakdown something potentially complex and provide excellent and varied viewpoints.   I’m sure there will be the occasional less than excellent viewpoints, but let’s be positive here right?!

Me…Who am I you may wonder?  Well that I will leave for you to find in my first post:

*Side note:  I am and have been an adult for quite sometime but it still makes me laugh when he says this.

I am looking forward to getting started on Blogging 101.  Also, hoping I can keep up as I will be traveling this week without a laptop…YIKES!


The caterpillar effect

I recently became engaged at the age of 32-this mind you is old for the midwest, more specifically St. Louis, MO. While I’m sure this topic will arise again later, it got me thinking. People say this is one of the most important times in your life-and I, thus far, would agree. So many things are in flux at the moment, have already changed, and certainly are going to change. For example, we are moving in together next week. Yowswers! I’m hopeful that through these important and adventurous times we grow together and change for the better. I wanted to start this blog to document who I am today vs who I am one year from now; and hopefully continue beyond that, but that’s far away and irrelevant at the moment.

So I suppose the first thing to do is a self-assessment of who I am today:
A 32 years old female living in St. Louis, MO. I am a fiancé to be! I am currently 144 pounds-hoping to shed 20 in a year-that seems doable right?! My favorite color is RED and I wear scrubs almost every day to work. I am in medical sales-another topic for later, but let’s say if happiness is yellow and sadness is blue-I would say I’m green. Pushing a green-blue color. I enjoy gardening, makeup, rock climbing, traveling, cooking-especially the involved lengthy recipes. I love my family, and enjoy binge watching TV more than a person should. Obviously, I can not describe everything I am in a sentence or a paragraph. I will say that I enjoy an adventure and am aiming to really LIVE. Looking forward-it is difficult to sometimes see how we change. We tend to morph without really “seeing” the change occur. We become a new, hopefully better version of our previous self, or sometimes we stay the same. I look forward to the future adventures and seeing how a person goes from here->there. My anthropological experience begins….or continues I should say.