And just like that…

The whirling top falls.   The thing about the spinning top is that you get a little wobble before it stops spinning.  A warning sign.  Sometimes in life we are lucky and we get a warning sign.  Other times the news hits you and your world feels like it is instantly turned to rubble.  It can be so hard to comprehend.

This is the world my friend family finds itself in today.  Most people have friend family, the people who are not your blood relatives but they are on or above that level.  The main supporter of the family lost their job, after years and years of service.  They have children, a baby, and just like that…POOF…no income.  I can’t say I personally have been there, but I can only imagine the pain, sadness, fear that could easily consume someone when you are blindsided by this type of event.  When you meet goals, surpass them even, and then are left to clear up your belongings and leave.

This family of mine, they will be ok.  What looks like shambles today will likely be next years twist of fate for the better.  But it doesn’t change the feelings of today.


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