Climate Change-Where to begin?

Climate change may be a hot topic right now at the UN Climate Summit but it is a new topic for me.  I am reading “Before Their Gone…” by Michael Lanza and climate change is a consistent theme throughout the book.  Living in the St. Louis, MO, I am sad to say that this has never been a topic that I have discussed with anyone in any real detail in my 30-plus years.  I am a bit embarrassed by this, partly because I feel so uneducated.  But that will change as I continue to read more and connect with more people.

I was originally drawn to the book because I enjoy the outdoors and the adventure of travel.  Mr. Lanza’s family is often times ambitious in their trips, but I must say there is not one that I would not want to jump on their traveling bandwagon.  As I am reading though I become shocked and saddened as each chapter demonstrates how climate change will eradicate something, whether it is the glaciers, trees, land, etc.  Being new to blogging, I stumbled across a great blog yesterday with an article entitled “Creepers Against Climate”.  It was wonderful being able to reach out to a fellow blogger and share thoughts, and hopefully become more educated.

If you read this and have any good links to share or books please leave a message in the comments.  I look forward to sharing more about this topic as I learn more.  Who knows…maybe I will be a catalyst for education in my own midwestern town 🙂


4 thoughts on “Climate Change-Where to begin?

  1. Thanks so much for the link! It’s great to see another blogger spreading the word about climate change. The more people there are who demand action the less likely our leaders will be able to ignore them. I must read that book 🙂


  2. Thanks for bringing up this important topic. I used to live in Missouri myself and know that climate change is not always on the political agenda. In terms of research/books, I would recommend reading this New Yorker article that discusses how political gridlock prevented any meaningful climate change action . There are also several good books by Dan Yergin like “the Quest” but they are more generally about energy, rather than just climate change.


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