White. Ivory. Champagne. Blush.

Thankfully, time is on my side and no need to make any decisions today, or tomorrow.  Colors, Beads, Sparkle, Satin, Lace.  The list of options is endless.  Dress store number 4 happened tonight, and I should say I LOVE trying on dresses. Will it ever get old?  Unlikely!  I have never put on these types of gowns, and have never worn anything even close to these beauties!  I know people say you will know when you find your wedding dress.  I have to admit though that tears have nearly surfaced for a variety of gowns, and NONE of them look the same.

I am thankful to have actually found some that I like though.  Being open-minded I have tried on all styles, fabrics, and necklines.  The clear winners are ball gown, A-line, and Sheath dresses.  My first dress that I fell in love with is a gown by Demetrios-1449.  It is a V neck sheath dress that has a high keyhole back, lace and sparkle, and really shines!  I also won a contest awarding me $1000 towards a dress….cha-ching! Then I found Ivonne by Enzoani.  With it’s beautiful illusion neckline and sheer beaded back with full skirt it is just stunning.  I truly feel like a princess, which for the record was never really something I was looking for, but I like it!  Just when I thought I had sorted out that I like having a little bling-bling on the dress, I tried on a silk Atelier Pronovias gown-Kalea.  Add a sparkly belt and voila-magic!

Thankfully, I don’t have to decide today, or tomorrow.  I am so grateful to have my good friend from Paris joining me in a few days in little ‘ol St. Louis.  I know that she will have great feedback, which I welcome with open arms.  Not only that, but I welcome and cherish these opportunities to see her, which at best are once a year.  It is so special to have her coming here and sharing her time with me and my family.  This entire experience is eye-opening…planning a wedding.  The people who matter most are around and the small moments and comments and smiles are something I hope to keep with me forever.  I also look forward to continue to share these experiences with you the reader.  If you have any advice on stories please feel free to share!


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